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A Vast Landscape Teeming with Enchanted Creatures

Dark and Light's massive map allows for unlimited discovery of diverse biomes, from snow capped mountains to fiery volcanoes, and the menagerie of unique creatures that inhabit them.

Bustling Cities
and Battling Factions

Begin your journey in one of three faction controlled cities. Collect materials by trading with NPCs and other players, or brave the dangers beyond city walls to gather resources on your own. Manage your resources wisely to craft powerful equipment or build helpful structures to defend your faction from the threats lurking in the wilderness.

Harness Elemental Magic to Shape Your Surroundings

With over 100 spells spanning a range of elements, Dark and Light offers players a uniquely advanced magic skill system. Develop a repertoire of magical abilities -- learn to hunt food, tame mounts, craft weapons, battle enemies, and so much more.

Massive Sandbox

Immerse yourself in Dark and Light's vast world, which combines hardcore open-world sandbox and fantasy RPG game mechanics to create an exciting, constantly-changing environment for you to explore and conquer.