Dark and Light 8/25 Update - Patch Notes


Greetings Adventurers! A small update is on its way to Archos - here’s what’s being changed, this patch is scheduled to launch at 1:00AM PST on 8/25/2017


Official Server Optimization We’re rolling out some more optimizations for our official servers that should help reduce issues with lag and stuttering.

Structure Decay Timing We’re extending the decay timer for structures made from Stone or higher-tier materials. Structures will still be automatically destroyed once the decay timer is exceeded, but if you or your Housemates are online and visit the structure, the timer will automatically reset. We implemented this change because want to prevent instances of players blocking off resources or ideal building locations, but the timer was set too short, which we realized may negatively affect normal players. We’ll keep an eye on how the new decay timer works out and continue to make adjustments to the system as necessary.
Trigger Death Changes We’re adding a 5 minute cooldown to the ‘Trigger Death’ function in the esc menu. After using ‘Trigger Death’, players will now have a 15 second respawn timer. We noticed that some players were abusing the ‘Trigger Death’ function to create a mountain of corpses in city squares, causing performance issues in an area around the city, so we’ve added a short respawn timer to prevent this abuse.