The Archos Herald, Issue 5 - Raiding Changes and Cute Vrocks!


Welcome to the 5th issue of The Archos Herald - your source for all the latest updates on Dark and Light’s development and community features!



Development Updates


We had a major patch planned to launch this week, but we had to roll it back due to some critical bugs. We’re busy working out the issues in the patch, and we’ll be relaunching it at a later date.


We also released a hotfix that updated the textures on structures to improve performance. We’ve seen performance drastically improve since the update, but we’ve also gotten some negative feedback on the new look of the affected pieces. We’ll continue working to integrate player feedback on the appearance of these structures without sacrificing the performance improvements we’ve seen from the changes.


You also may have noticed that structure health increased by just a *tiny* bit. Offline raiding with zero interaction between raiders and defenders isn’t something we’re interested in supporting in Dark and Light. This change definitely isn’t the perfect solution or the end of our plans for PvP and raiding, so keep the feedback coming and we’ll continue improving and iterating on changes throughout Early Access.


If you want to give us some feedback about the latest patches and how you feel about the changes, head over to our official forums[] or /r/DarkandLight!


Tales From Archos


The every changing land of Archos is full of adventure and trails. Over this past week, we have continued to hear the experiences from many Adventurers across the land . Here are this weeks Tales from Archos!


Calm before the storm. Mushroom pauses to take in an Archos sunset.



After a long day, Talda heads back to their hillside castle for a night of rest and relaxation.



A fearless Adventurer decides to brave the cold, and explore the mountains of Archos. What secrets do they hold? Does Dantist know something about the future of The Sacred Path?



Our Adventurers have a way of making some terrors of the forest cute, and bramblehoppers even cuter! This is how /u/actualautu views the wildlife of Archos!



Legends of Archos

ThatGermanGuy’s guide to legendary creatures, and how to tame them.

FireworkmanGamin believes he can fly![]

Faction Pride and Official Forums



Control of The Sacred Path is in constant flux between the factions of the Humans of Talos, Elves of Estel, and Dwarves of Ironfast. Each faction has its own strengths, but only one can eventually control all of Archos. We want you to show us which faction ultimately deserves to rule in our Faction Pride event! Submit your entry for a chance to win a prize package of 3 Runes of Soul Binding (official servers only)!

Full details, submission guidelines, and more can be seen on the full event thread[] on our brand new Official Forums[]!


Starting with the Basics - Taming


The land of Archos can be dangerous, and it is sometimes better to adventure with a friend! We continue our instructional video series this week with taming. Snail Games USA’s community video editor Kaid breaks down the basics of how to take down, and gain the trust of these creatures; check it out here!


Final Notes


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