Update on the Blackice Peaks Patch, Black Screen bug, and EU Server Outages


An Update on The Mysteries of Blackice Peaks

Greetings Adventurers!


We had planned on launching Dark and Light’s Mysteries of Blackice Peaks patch earlier this week, but we ran into some serious last-minute complications with the build that prevented us from pushing it live. We failed to maintain transparency and communication around the patch, causing a lot of confusion and frustration, and we’d like to apologize for that. We’re still refining our internal and external communication processes, and we’ll continue to do our best to keep all of our Adventurers around the world in the loop on the development side as much as possible.


As for the patch, although Dark and Light is an Early Access game, and we’re always anticipating at least a few new bugs with major patches (we’ve had some rough ones already), there’s still a standard of quality we aim to meet, and the Blackice Peaks patch didn’t quite pass that mark when we were getting ready to publish it.


To help provide a little more context, here's a note from Jimmy, aka Zephyr - one of the lead Producers for Dark and Light.


"We know that we haven’t been very good being transparent with our community when it comes to our updates, and we apologize. When we first started working on the Ice Caves, we were nervous on how it would turn out. But as we came closer and closer to the release date, the nervousness turned into excitement. We wanted to see the kinds of strategies that players would come up with traversing the cave and defeating the powerful enemies inside. When the release date came around, a few critical issues came up that made the game virtually unplayable. As much as we wanted to push new content out, we wanted to make sure it was also playable, would preserve player data, as well as live up to the standard of quality that we aim to meet."


Current Critical Issues / Player Support


We're also aware that the bug where players encounter a black screen after loading into a server is starting to spread again, and that a number of our EU servers have been experiencing downtime since the patch rollback. These issues are currently being investigated, and we'll work to get a fix out soon.


To help with our investigation for the black screen bug, please check this article from our Player Support site:


Black Screen Reporting Instructions[support.playdnl.com]


If you encounter any critical bugs in-game or require technical support, you can reach our player support team by clicking the link below:


DnL Player Support Portal[support.playdnl.com]


What's Next?


Now, for the good news! The patch is undergoing some final tweaks, and we’re planning on launching it in the very near future. In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the concept art that helped to create the creatures and sights you’ll be encountering throughout Archos as soon as the update hits.








We’ll keep working to unearth the Mysteries of Blackice Peaks, and we’ll do our best to keep you updated along the way!