The Archos Herald, Issue 7 - Uncovering Mysteries!


Welcome to the 7th issue of The Archos Herald - your source for all the latest updates on Dark and Light’s development and community features!


Development Updates


Our first major content update, The Mysteries of Blackice Peaks is now live! Click here for full patch notes.


This update brings some long-awaited performance optimizations, as well as a mountain of new content, including 2 brand new Knowledge nodes, Forging and Goblin Engineering, as well as the dreaded Ice Caves, Dark and Light’s first PvE dungeon! Adventurers who brave the cold and powerful creatures dwelling in the Ice Caves will be rewarded with powerful new items and equipment. Gather your party and make sure you’re well-equipped before attempting to dive in, the entrance isn’t large enough to bring your tamed creatures along!


If you want to give us some feedback about Dark and Light’s latest update, head over to our official forums[] or /r/DarkandLight!


Regarding the Black Screen Bug


We’ve gotten a number of reports from players that the black screen bug that occurs after loading to 99% is still persisting. We’re continuing to investigate and work on the issue, but we currently have no ETA for a permanent fix. If you’ve encountered this bug, then to help with our investigation, please refer to this article from our dedicated support site[]. Thanks for your support and patience while we continue working on the problem. 


Tales From Archos


The ever-changing land of Archos is full of adventures and trials. Over this past week, we’ve continued to see and hear tales from Adventurers across the land. Here are this week’s Tales from Archos!


Ninesto pauses to take in the Archos sunlight, an important part of any Adventurer’s day.



NaviHero Looks up to Gaia, wondering what it was once like before its destruction, and what secrets it may still hold.



Why have one Peregriff when you can have three? Phoenix struts their stuff and shows their mastery over Archos’s Mythical Creatures.



As another day closes in Archos, the land prepares for slumber. Loti van Storm shows us all the beauty of Archos, and leaves out the danger.



Creatures of Archos

Xianith has been hard at work, putting together a Sortable Creatures List[]. With this, Adventurers will be able to research any creature of Archos, and get the details on them before facing them out in the wild! Since this is built on our Gamepedia Wiki[], anyone can help by adding additional information to a creature’s entry!


thaixican shows us all how to wrangle up some griffins[]!


Faction Pride Community Event



We’ve been continuing to get submissions that would make all three factions proud. We’ve decided to let this event run for just a little while longer, until Saturday, 9/9 at 12:00PM PST so that everyone has ample time to show us why their faction is the best on Archos. All you need to do is take a screenshot of your character representing your faction and send it to


for a chance to win an awesome in-game prize of 3 Runes of Soul Binding!

Full details, submission guidelines, and more can be seen on the full event thread[] on our Official Forums[]!


Final Notes

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