Dark and Light 9/20 Update - Patch Notes


Greetings Adventurers! We’re rolling out a new patch for Dark and Light on 9/20 at 01:00AM, PST!


This patch is focused almost entirely on bug fixes and optimizations, with some very minor balance changes. While this update isn’t addressing any major balance changes, we have heard a lot of your feedback on the extreme difficulty of the Ice Cave introduced in the last patch. We’ll be discussing all of the feedback we’ve gotten so far and how we may be addressing it in a future patch.


As always, be sure to log out before the scheduled maintenance for the patch in order to reduce the risk of data loss.


General Updates:


Added an on/off toggle in the game options menu for evading with crouch + movement and double tapping. This was included in our last patch, but not mentioned in the patch notes. No more accidentally rolling off of cliffs!


Balance Changes:


1. Base stats have been adjusted for the Albino Deer, Vicious Hyena, and Savage Cyclops.


2. Bytorg the Frost-Bound can no longer be polymorphed.


3. Delicate Carnivore and Herbivore feed recipes have been slightly adjusted to include advanced materials in their recipes.


Bug Fixes:


1. General:


- Made several minor localization fixes.


- When changing screen resolution in the character creation interface, the character will now correctly resize to the new resolution.


- NPCs / Creatures:


- NPCs now accept the reality of their lives, and will no longer disappear randomly or run around in circles forever.


- NPC Vendors now properly retain donation totals through server restarts and after death.


- Herb Vendors will now all accept donations.


- Dark Fallen ragdolling on death has been reduced.


- Creatures in the Ice Cave will no longer duplicate after a server restart.


- Ice Goblins no longer generate unlimited boxes in the Ice Cave.


- Bytorg’s ranged attacks will now properly deal damage to players.


- Bytorg’s armor (textures) will no longer disappear in the middle of a fight.


- Players should no longer be able to squeeze themselves into areas where Bytorg can’t damage them.


- Vrock (two-headed vulture) models been slightly adjusted for better performance.


- Savage Cyclopes’ should get stuck on other objects less often.


- Goblins can now have multiple hook arrows attached to them at once.


- Nidhog wildness now no longer depletes when taming them with their preferred food.


- Tamed creatures will now eat uncommon and rare variants of their preferred foods.


- Water Elemental projectiles are now clearly visible.


2. Items / Crafting:


- Fixed the delay caused by crafting a stack of 100+ items at once.


- Rune of Radiance should now remain in a player’s Schema list permanently after unlocking it.


- Dragonscale Shield should now remain in a player’s Schema list permanently after unlocking it.


- Stone Water Taps should now appear in a player’s Schema list after unlocking it.


- Stone Rectangular Foundations are now no longer placed as Metal Rectangular Foundations.


- Triangular Foundations and Ceilings now match the size of square Foundations and Ceilings.


- Wood / Stone ceilings no longer prevent interaction with Furnaces.


- Small Spell towers can now be placed in single-player mode.


- Evading while shooting a bow / crossbow should no longer result in the bow / crossbow locking up and being unable to fire.


- Soul Stones / Summoning Stones will now retain their data through server restarts.


- Small Spell Towers and Goblin Ballistae can now target bees spawned from hives.


- Fur Cloak physics have been improved on female characters, and the item now has a preview in the inventory.


- Food items added in the Blackice Peaks patch can now be consumed after being placed on the Dining Table.


- Server restarts will no longer reset the progress for items in the Forging Workbench, but you will need to manually re-activate the workbench. We’re planning on addressing this in a future patch.


- Small Spell Towers should now target enemies at their intended max range.


- House Medical Flags are now clearly visible once they’re cast.


- Fixed the display of a special aura effect on Tamed Hives that are producing Honey.


- Players can now use consumable items while mounted again.


Known Bugs List:


- Disclaimer - this is not be an exhaustive list of all of the bugs currently being investigated and worked on in Dark and Light, but are bugs that we’ve been able to replicate and verify in our current build:


- The 99% loading black screen bug is still occurring for some players - our investigation is continuing and we’ll provide an update when we have more details. For players who are still facing this bug, please visit our dedicated player support portal and follow the instructions at this link.


- Localization is bugged for Goblin Engineering Knowledge experience gains. You can gain experience in the node by “using” the Goblin Small Parts that drop from dead Goblins, and crafting Goblin Small Parts and Goblin Contracts in tamed Goblin inventories (goblin). We’ll have the in-game text working properly in a future update.


- Text is bugged for Forging Knowledge experience gains. You can gain experience in the noce by “using” Frozen Crystal Ore mined from resource nodes in the Ice Cave and by crafting Refining Forges and Alloys. We’ll have the in-game text working properly in a future update.


- Tamed creatures will disappear if left in a rented property after a server restart.


- Hungry characters will constantly play the “growling stomach” sound effect - carry some snacks with you for now!


- Ice Elementals are meant to do magic damage, but currently deal physical damage.


- Female characters can fall underground after falling from extreme heights or being pushed underground by a flying creature after death.


- Dwarven Manor experience gains are bugged, and it may be impossible to earn experience in the Dwarven Manor node currently.


- Illusions cast on structures will disappear after server restarts.


- Respawning at the northwestern mountain soul node will incorrectly spawn you near Talos.


- Bees summoned from Tamed Hives will attack both friendly and hostile targets.


- Bytorg’s Toolbox and the Cyclops Workbench may be locked for longer than intended.


- Items of varying qualities (craftable, rare, legendary, etc.) will incorrectly display identical stats. This is just a visual bug, higher-rarity items, weapons, and armor perform better than their lower-rarity counterparts.


- Guards are meant to only spawn at level 60+, but may occasionally spawn at lower levels.