The Archos Herald, Issue 3 - Castles and Magic!

Welcome to the third issue of The Archos Herald - your source for all of the hottest news on Archos.
Over this past week, our developers have been doubling down on quality of life fixes and continuing work on network optimization. A few changes were made to improve response speed from harvesting, so gathering should feel a lot more smooth after our last patch on 8/10 (full patch notes available here). If you want to give us some feedback about the latest patches and how you feel about the changes, head over to our Steam discussions page or /r/DarkandLight!
We’ve also started working on some exciting new content that’ll have you shivering with anticipation. Keep your eyes peeled for more details in the near future!
Tales From Archos
Adventurers from all over have been sharing their tales with us, and we feel it’s only right to share them with everyone else! Check out this week’s stories and stay up-to-date with the adventures happening on Archos.
The vast landscapes of Archos are no problem for Bobrodobro to traverse with his Gryphon companion.
Ciplyk taking in an Archos sunset as they prepare for the dangers that night brings.
The beautiful and rare Frost Dragon caught by the keen eye of Loti van Storm.
Toms LV takes in the vast land of Archos, wondering what adventures it has in store for them.
Spell Towers - A Primer
Lazer_Bacon compiled a helpful guide to utilizing Spell Towers 
DitsyMitsy3 made a helpful video guide too!
CyB shows the fun that you can have with turning your friends into sheep![]
A Home Fit for a King - Winners!
Winners have been announced for our first community event! Three incredible architects are now the owners of some fancy new Amazon gift cards - the perfect thing for a wizard looking to stock up on reagents. Those architects are:
3rd Place - Wolf Angelus
2nd Place - Daddio66
1st Place - FollyVentures
For more screenshots, details, and a few honorable mentions, head on over to the full announcement post!
A Magical Week!
Snail Games USA’s community video editor Kaid has been hard at work this week putting together a series of videos covering all of Dark and Light’s magic trees! They’re a great resource for anyone starting out in Dark and Light who wants to know what each magic tree has to offer. Check out the full playlist here!
Final Notes
That does it for this Archos Herald! To stay up-to-date on everything Dark and Light, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join the discussion on our Steam Discussions page or our official Reddit page, /r/DarkandLight.