Dark and Light 8/17 Update - Patch Notes


This latest patch is designed to address player concerns about game balance. We’ve enhanced the strength of all buildings and adjusted the strength of certain spells to better protect creatures and players, to make battles and raids more fair. Maintenance for this patch will begin at Aug 17th 1AM PDT., so be sure to find a safe place and log out before then to preserve your character data, and get ready for a much more balanced Archos! Here's the full list of updates:


Melee weapon damage reduction:


The amount of damage a stone weapon can do to thatch structures is reduced.
Iron weapons' damage to thatch and wood buildings is reduced, and iron weapons can cause minor damage to buildings made of stone.
The iron hammer will retain its ability to do additional damage to structures, but it can no longer cause damage to iron reinforcements and castle structures.


Creature damage reduction:


Most creatures will only be able to damage structures made of thatch and wood, making it safer for characters to live out in the wild. Get started on your dream mountain cabin!
Only powerful dark creatures can cause damage to stone buildings, iron reinforcements, and castles. Vigilance is key at nightfall!


Spell damage reduction:


The damage that non-fire and non-earth spells can inflict upon thatch structures has been reduced.
Only Firestorm I, II, and Fireball II and III can cause damage to wood structures.
Only Firestorm I, III and Fireball III can cause damage to stone structures.
Only Firestorm I and II can cause damage to iron reinforced buildings.
Only Firestorm II can damage castles.
Damage to castles from Firestorm spells is reduced.


Projectile weapon damage reduction:


The damage of stone arrows, stone spears and stone flying knives to thatch structures is reduced.
Only Siege Arrows and Bursting Arrows can cause damage to wooden structures.
Only Siege Arrows can damage a stone building. Their damage to iron reinforcements is reduced, and they can cause slight damage to castles.


Lightning Bolt reduction:


We've reduced the ballistic speed of Lightning Bolt in order to improve accuracy when casting it.



We've got plans to roll out some exciting new content this month, so stay tuned for more updates. As always, if you encounter an issue, our Support Team is available to help you out!