BUILD A FORTRESS WITH MAGICAL FORTIFICATIONS IN DARK AND LIGHT - Use Magic and a Variety of Materials to Construct a Base Virtually Anywhere



As a sandbox RPG, Dark and Light gives players the freedom to construct their home base virtually anywhere they want in the world. Players are restricted from building in a few key locations, such as within existing cities or dungeons, but aside from that, they can pick a spot and start building!



Building materials come in a variety of sizes and strengths and range from cheap, weak materials like straw, wood, and stone, to more advanced materials like metal or even giant castle-sized components. Players will generally start out by manually gathering simple materials like wood and straw with basic tools, but they’ll need to craft more advanced tools to mine stone and metal elements for a more fortified structure. Players will also need to build up some magic skills to extract rare, valuable elements for high-tier building materials.


Adventurers who don't like the idea of constructing a home in the untamed wilderness can purchase housing in their starting city, but the cities themselves aren’t completely impenetrable. City-dwelling players can help defend their home from foreign invaders by constructing unique magical fortifications. Each of the cities - Vardo, Zaharul, and Estel, all have their own unique architectural style which players can study and emulate when constructing their own base.



Building large fortresses requires a lot of resources, so it’s important to be strategic with your building plans. Players can craft cheap “preview” materials that can be used to to construct full-sized models before placing any real materials. It’s possible to build almost anywhere in the world, provided that the ground is flat and the structure is not too close to another player's building to avoid overcrowding and griefing by blocking off another player’s construction area.



Many materials can be crafted anywhere, but there are also special high-level materials that can only be constructed with a workbench or magic workbench. Getting your hands on these workbenches as soon as possible is important for any serious adventurer. Magical weapons, materials, spells, and even generators that provide elemental energy are all created using the magic workbench, making it a critical part of developing a full arsenal of tools and weapons to help you survive in Dark and Light’s world.



Dark and Light puts players in an immersive fantasy world that is filled with magic, monsters, and mystery. In this world, they will be challenged to survive and thrive through a combination of crafting, exploration, and powerful magic.

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