Dark and Light Development Update - Introducing the Bestiary!


Hey everyone, we've shown off some of the polishing we've done on DnL leading up to its EA launch, but today, we're revealing a brand new feature. As a warning, there are very minor spoilers ahead for anyone looking to start their adventure off completely blind, so proceed with caution!


Dark and Light's world is full of all sorts of mysterious, magical creatures. Many of these creatures can only be found in specific locations, and some have special abilities and elemental affinities / immunities that makes hunting them down or taming them a difficult task. To help players keep track of the creatures they've encountered, slayed, and tamed, every adventurer in Dark and Light will start out with a magical Bestiary that will automatically track and provide helpful details on any creature once a player kills or tames one. Please note: the Bestiary is a work-in-progress. Many of the creature names and art in the below screenshots are placeholders and will be changed prior to Dark and Light's Early Access launch.



Every creature in Dark and Light has its own creature card in the Bestiary. At the start of your adventure, all creature cards will be greyed out; once you kill or tame a creature for the first time, you'll get a notification that the creature's card has been unlocked, and it will be colored in the next time you check the Bestiary. Once you've unlocked a creature's card, you'll be able to view additional details and lore about that creature by clicking on its card. You can also click on a creature's card before you unlock it to get a better look at it before you encounter one in the wild.



You won't be going out into the wild completely blind, though. Some basic information about a creature can be found right on its card in the four icons under its portrait. From left to right, you'll be able to see:

How aggressive that creature is
What it likes to eat
Whether or not the creature can be tamed
Whether or not the creature can be ridden after it's tamed


A wolf, for example, is incredibly aggressive and will attack other creatures on sight, which is shown by the single sword icon under its portrait. They are also carnivorous, and can be tamed and ridden if equipped with the proper reins once tamed.