Dark and Light 7/21 Update - PvE Servers and Patch Notes

Adventuers! A new update for Dark and Light is launching later today, bringing PvE servers for every region, new Oceania servers, adjustments to Food, Water, and Focus depletion, and bug fixes.
In order to download the 1.9gb patch, you'll need to restart your Dark and Light client if you were playing before the update.
PvE Server Launches + OCE PvP Servers
We received a lot of feedback from players on the lack of PvE-focused servers. We're launching 12 PvE servers across our US, EU, Asia, and OCE regions. These servers are great for players who want to focus on exploration, crafting, and construction without the threat of open-world PvP.
We are also launching an additional 3 PvP servers in our OCE region.
Patch Notes
Wraiths spawned from meteor landings now have a chance to drop a Ghost Scythe on death. Now, the power to reap the very souls of your enemies is in your hands!
Base Damage - 100
Weight - 200
Special attributes:
Wide AOE power attack (RMB).
Shares functionality with the farming sickle - can be used to harvest seeds.
Adjusted the crafting requirements for the Melee Crafting Rank 9 Schema - Greatsword:
Can no longer be crafted at a normal Workbench.
Can now be crafted at a Cyclops camp Workbench.
Fixed a bug where Magic Defense Rank 2 equipment was unable to be crafted.
Fixed a bug where Schemas from the Offhand knowledge tree would appear in the inventory instead of a Workbench, and couldn't be crafted.
Estel's blacksmith has finally recovered his clothes and underwear! Talos's merchant is still trouncing around in the emperor's new clothes, however...
Based on the feedback we've seen from launch day, we've adjusted the following stat depletion rates. For context, when recovering Stamina and Mana, you lose a proportional amount of Food/Water and Focus, respectively. These numbers are baed on that ratio of recovery : depletion:
When recovering Stamina over time, the rate of Food and Water depletion has been lowered from 0.25 to 0.1.
When recovering Mana over time, the rate of Focus depletion has been lowered from 0.25 to 0.1.
When either Food or Water is at 0, the rate of health loss over time has been adjusted from 0.75/second to 0.25/second.
Female characters have remembered their training, and can now use the power attack (RMB) with the Stone Sword properly - hit accuracy has been improved.
We'll be continuing to closely monitor feedback and make further additions, adjustments, and bug fixes quickly during the early stages of our Early Access launch. Be sure to visit our Steam Discussions page to check out some helpful resources and leave feedback for our development team! We're looking forward to seeing you in Archos!