Dark and Light 7/22 Update-Servers and Patch Note

Greetings Adventurers,
Like we said before, we always closely monitor feedback from DnL community and appreciate your valuable suggestions.
A new update for Dark and Light will launch at 5:30 AM Pacific time, you'll need to restart your Dark and Light client if you were playing before the update.
Some players have discovered couple of fun things in the build and we are working towards a fix. However, they are extremely fun in their current state, so we hope you all enjoy the laughs in the mean time. Whether it be hitching a ride on your friend's Griffin's wing tip or shrinking your self down to Ant Man size. We sincerely hope you laugh as much as we did when you discover them yourself. Enjoy!
Patch Notes:
Fixed bugged drop rate in cornfield. 
Cornfield respawn time increased to 3 days in game. Now you have more time to make crop circle designs. 
Iron Greatsword and Ghost Scythe are two strong weapons in DnL to attack only. No in-game item will be get during chopping bush and tree.
Server Update:
Optimizing server performance
Fixing server crash