Dark and Light 7/23 Update - Patch Notes

Greetings Adventurers!
Today's patch is mostly focused on improving server stability, as well as a few minor bug fixes and quality of life changes. Please restart your client to update to the latest version. For any players hosting dedicated private servers, please manually update your server client.
Server Stability and Bug Fixes:
Resolved an issue with casting certain spells, (Fire Wall, Ice Wall, Lightning Wall), causing extreme server lag across a wide area.
Resolved server crashes related to the erratic movement of Moths / Nightshades. These creatures, while still annoying, will no longer affect server health.
Resolved an issue where taking certain actions would cause your character to grow or shrink is size.
Quality of Life Changes:
By default, pressing "R" while targeting a tamed creature will open its inventory; you no longer need to select it from the radial by holding "E".
Rolling (crouch + movement or double-tapping a direction) off of an elevated platform will now reduce fall damage on landing. We still don't suggest rolling off of any cliffs, but at least it'll hurt slightly less now.
Regarding the "Earn 100 Gold" Quest Bug:
We're aware that players have been unable to complete the "Earn 100 Gold" quest by selling items to vendors due to the quest failing to track the amount of gold earned. We're addressing the issue and will be improving our overall quest system throughout the Early Access period.
Regarding lowered harvesting rates since the last patch:
We've heard feedback from players on bugged gathering rates across official servers since the last patch where we addressed an exploit in the "cornfield" area. Our team is currently investigating the issue and we plan to have a fix out shortly.
Thanks again to all of our adventurers for your continued support and feedback; we're looking forward to seeing your adventures on Archos!
We also understand that these patches are coming very quickly, and there's not much time to prepare to restart your client or update your server client. We're working on a more optimized announcement system to help player prepare for upcoming patches.