Dark and Light 7/26 Hotfix Patch - What We're Working On


Greetings Adventurers! We're deploying a hotfix to help address some feedback we’ve received from the community regarding server stability and a couple of bug fixes.

1. We've received some feedback from players on the bugs and problems caused by rollbacks due to unexpected server outages. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we're working on further improving server stability to ensure that players won't be faced with similar issues in future updates.

Resolved an issue where players would get a "Duplicate ID Error"message when attempting to log into a server after being disconnected.

Resolved an issue where taming certain creatures would occasionally cause server crashes.

If you experience unexpected downtime or server rollbacks on official servers please send a report with your server's full name to our support team at DarkandLight_CS@SnailGamesUSA.com. This will help us investigate and resolve server issues in the long-term.


2. The House Seal that is unlocked after forming a House and recruiting several members to it, was designed to protect House-owned structures from hostile player attacks on PvP servers unless an official war declaration was made first. We've received reports from players that the House Seal was not working as intended, even when powered by Magic Essence. We've worked quickly to resolve this issue, and it's being fixed in the hotfix being deployed this morning.

Resolved an issue with the House Seal not properly protecting House-owned structures.

We're planning on deploying a larger patch on 7/27 that's aimed to fix a large number of bugs, as well as addressing some gameplay concerns based on the feedback and data we've received during the first week of Early Access.

One issue in particular that we're interested in addressing is offline raid protection. We want to hear from the community how you'd like to see this addressed - maybe we can add some defensive ballistae, manned by allied goblin workers? The sky's the limit, let us know what you want to see!

3. Each time we launched an update, it caused a desync between the client version and server version for players hosting dedicated private servers. We're working on addressing this issue, and we're also preparing a small custom tool for experienced server hosts and players to help build their own private servers. We'll be providing more details and releasing the hosting tools in an update in the near future.