Dark and Light Update -- What's New, and What's Coming Up

Hello, Archos adventurers! 
We've been hard at work incorporating all the feedback you've been sending us this past week, and we've got a big patch coming your way soon. Today, however, we're prioritizing the following important bug fixes. 
Today's maintenance starts at 4 A.M. (UTC-5) and will last approximately one hour, so please log off before maintenance begins to preserve your character data. 
Actions that aren't synchronized. This bug previously resulted in players failing to collect resources or launch effective attacks. Fixing this bug will make resource collection and battle much smoother.
Elemental creatures respawning is causing lagging and crashing on servers, so we'll fix that as well.
Players have reported bugs related to the buff provided by treants to speed up crop growing, so we will provide a fix for that. 
We're increasing the time that fertilizer lasts in order to make it easier for growing crops. Plenty of you have observed that fertilizer doesn't last long enough, so we're increasing the duration of fertilizer by 1.66.
We're fixing the bug that doesn't cause any change in display settings, even when you select custom settings from the main menu.
We've also improved the Wall of Electricity--previously, players have noted that casting Wall of Electricity causes serious lag.
Thanks for your understanding and support while we work on making Archos as awesome as possible!
Here's what you can look forward to in our upcoming big patch:
Part 1--Gameplay Optimization
[Animation and Sound]
We've added new sound effects to light and heavy Ghost Scythe attacks. Spooky!
Characters can now evade forward (crouch + movement direction), and we've smoothed out animations for all evades.
The time for resource nodes to respawn after being depleted has increased.
NPC health recovery speed has increased, and the base stats of City Guards has been adjusted.
We've heard a lot of feedback regarding creature balancing. Here's what we've done to address player concerns:
Divine Creatures - Added spell damage resistance.
Infernus Dragon - Added spell damage resistance and fire damage immunity.
Frost Dragon - Added spell damage resistance and ice damage immunity.
Wyvern - Added spell damage resistance.
Elementals - Added elemental damage immunity based on the Elemental’s type (i.e. Fire Elementals are now immune to fire damage).
Dark Fallen - Added dark damage immunity.
Ice Wolf - Added ice damage resistance.
Hellcat - Added fire damage resistance.
Bahamut - Added fire damage resistance.
Wolf - Reduced the amount of Raw Meat obtained from harvesting a Wolf corpse.
We have reduced the amount of constitution damage a character gets when hit by friendly fire. Still need to be careful where you aim that weapon, though!
We've tweaked the effects of certain weapons and magic spells. The Wall of Lightning no longer damages structures. The targeting range of Small Spell Towers has been adjusted, and we also improved the heavy attack hit detection for the Iron Hammer.
[New Content]
Using certain items will now increase related Knowledge node experience. Feel smarter yet?
We've introduced some new UI for your convenience, including Health and Mana bars when targeting creatures, NPCs, and other players. We also adjusted tooltips in the Knowledge interface.
Part 2--Bug Fixes
We've fixed several annoying bugs related to item and spell schemas. Check it out:
Resetting Potion - Using it will no longer reset your unlocked Schematics.
Wall of Lightning - Schema crafting requirements, damage tick frequency, and spell duration have all had their values corrected.
Spider Web - Players can now move immediately after casting.
Fertilizer - Fixed a bug where fertilizer would disappear from a crop plot after a short period of time.
War Flag - Fixed a bug where, occasionally, after making a war declaration, the House that received the declaration would not be able to damage the declaring House’s structures.
Framework Triangle Foundation - Corrected HP values.
NPC Guards were occasionally spawning with only 1 HP. Not anymore! Also, NPC Vendors that have been killed will respawn in their set location within the city after a set period of time.
We've adjusted the Female Guard Armor and the Male Traveler Suit modes. We've also adjusted the eating animation for female characters. Don't be shy about chowing down!
There are still a few known issues that we're working on, and we'll hopefully have fixes up as soon as possible. We're still working on some fixes for the quest system, and we know that some quests aren't tracking properly. As always, if you encounter a bug, feel free to send a report with a detailed description of the issue plus your IGN and server (screenshots are super helpful too!) to darkandlight_cs@SnailGamesUSA.com