The Archos Herald, Issue 2 - Week 2 on Archos!

Week 2 on Archos
Welcome to the second issue of The Archos Herald - your source for all of the latest news on Archos. This past week, we’ve focused a lot on network optimization, making sure that what you see in-game is what’s actually happening server-side. We’ve received a lot of feedback about how inaccurate melee combat feels, much of which is related to server latency. These changes, as well as some other melee combat changes we’re planning for the future, should go a long way towards improving the way Dark and Light’s combat feels.
Our next major patch is undergoing hardcore testing right now, and is scheduled to launch soon (preliminary patch notes available here). This patch will be adding health and mana bar displays to targeted creatures, NPCs, and players, adding magic and elemental resistances to Dragons, Elementals, and other creatures, and making a huge host of bug fixes and balance changes. Be sure to head to our Steam Discussions page or /r/DarkandLight to let us know how you feel about the upcoming changes!
A Note on Exploits
We’ve received a number of reports from players who have been the victims of exploit abuse on official servers. These exploits are being resolved in our next patch, but that’s only part of the issue. Even in Early Access, we’re going to be taking a zero-tolerance policy towards players who have been found to be exploiting bugs for personal gain. Our investigation and action may take some time, but you can help by sending evidence to Thanks for your patience and support on this issue.
Tales From Archos
A veritable cascade of incredible videos, streams, screenshots, and more have been coming out of the Dark and Light community since launch - here are a few of our favorites from this past week!
ALLe fears no danger of Archos, taking down a Vrock will a well-placed lightning shot.
Loti van Storm shows us what true beauty looks like - the elegant and mysterious Pegasus!
/u/xMorgengrau5 has been loading up the official Dark and Light Reddit page with beautiful screen shots of Archos. For more incredible shots, check out their profile.
CohhCarnage says hi to a friend![]
The community has been doing their research, and some particularly intuitive adventurers are really starting to figure out the secrets of Archos’s wilderness. Here are some helpful guides on taming from Redditors /u/yuukitotrap and /u/Yazkin_Yamakala.
/u/yuukitotrap’s Tameable Creature List
/u/Yazkin_Yamakala’s Tame Tier List
A Home Fit for a King - Our First Community Event!
We’re still accepting submissions for our Home Fit for a King event up until Thursday, 8/10 at 11:59PM PST! For details on the event, visit the full event thread.
Of course, it wouldn’t be an event without prizes, and we’ve got a few up for grabs for the best architects of the bunch:
    1st Place - $50 Amazon gift card
    2nd Place - $25 Amazon gift card
    3rd Place - $10 Amazon gift card
Good luck to all of our architects / wizards / wizard architects - we’re looking forward to seeing your finished creations!
A Home fit for Anyone
If you're not quite yet to start constructing a massive campus full of legendary creatures, or a castle that dwarves even the palaces of Talos, you can start a little smaller - there's a first time building a house for everyone!
Snail Games's Kaid is taking a look at the basics of Dark and Light in our new video series. We just published the second episode, Building Blocks, earlier this week. Check it out here to get a start on building your very own house!
Final Notes
That does it for our second issue of The Archos Herald! To stay up-to-date on everything Dark and Light, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join the discussion on our Steam Discussions page or our official Reddit page, /r/DarkandLight.