Dark and Light 8/11 Update-Servers and Patch Notes


Greetings, denizens of the Dark and Light world! Our latest patch fixes a few issues that players have been giving us a lot of feedback about. Maintenance will begin at 4:00 A.M. PDT so please log out before it begins.


Here's what you can expect:

    Optimization: We've removed the function that allows you to drag a dizzy character's body the way you can drag a dead body.
    Fix: Many players reported their game getting stuck when loaded at 99%. We've fixed this bug, and we appreciate all the players who reached out to bring this to our attention!
    Fix: We've fixed the recurring problem of disappearing NPCs that don't respawn once killed.
    Fix: Many players have reported that their spell towers with wouldn't work with certain spell combinations after each previous update. We've fixed the bug causing that issue.
    Fix: We've addressed the bug that allows players to use advanced spells without a decrease in mana that would occur when players would switch staff heads.
    Fix: Display error at the respawn point.

Thanks again for all the great feedback you've been giving us. We're working hard to make Archos as awesome as possible, and we can't do it without your help!