Dark and Light 8/20 Update - Patch Notes

Greetings Adventurers! Dark and Light’s next update, v100.5468 is on its way - this patch is scheduled to launch at 1:00AM PST on 8/20/2017. Please make sure to log out completely before the servers go down to reduce the risk of data loss. If you’re a private server host, make sure your server client is updated to v100.5468 after the patch to make sure your players can connect properly.
Important Notice on Areas Targeted for New Content
In major updates in the near future, we’re planning on adding content that will take the place of some of the wide-open areas on The Sacred Path. As a result, some Adventurers’ structures may be damaged, or even destroyed entirely. In order to help prepare for these additions and prevent losses, we’ve added glowing indicators in affected areas. Please check to make sure that your structures and items are completely out of the range of the glowing indicators to avoid losing anything.
New Content
Added a number of new Schemas in the Construction Knowledge tree. Every Adventurer needs a place to return home to, whether it’s at the end of an adventure or after an unfortunate run-in with a Cyclops. Craft these new Schemas to add some style to yours!
Added Secured Door in the House Knowledge tree. Secured Doors can be set to only allow certain people into a room - perfect for treasure hordes.
Removed rarely-used Schemas in the Stonework Knowledge tree.
Updated the launch splash screen.
General Updates
In our ongoing optimization efforts, we’ve merged and removed a number of redundant assets and improved the way textures are loaded. As a result, load times when initially logging into a server have been reduced, and overall performance should be improved. We’ll be continuing to improve Dark and Light’s optimization throughout the Early Access period - thanks for your feedback and support!
Spell Tower Changes - Spell Towers will now deal significantly increased damage. Delay between shots has been reduced.
House War Declaration Changes - House Owners can now set permissions on which House members can make War Declarations.
Experience Gain Changes - High-level Dark Fallen, Wraiths, and Elementals will now grant more experience when killed.
Greatsword - Power attack (RMB) removed.
Durability Changes - Being attacked will now remove less durability from equipped items.
Mounted Creature Knowledge Experience Gain Changes - Harvesting while mounting a tamed creature will now grant reduced Knowledge tree experience gains.
Tamed Creature Stat Adjustments - Creature base stats have been increased, but it will now take longer for tamed creatures to level up.
Creature Taming Difficulty Adjustments - Creatures are now slightly more difficult to tame across the board. Frost Dragons and Infernus Dragons are now much more difficult to tame.
Scrolling with the mouse wheel will no longer switch between items on the hotbar.
Bug Fixes
Various construction pieces have been reworked to make them easier to place.
Adjusted the concentration of resources in several problem areas to improve performance.
FPS has been improved when viewing the Inventory.
Tooltips should now display properly on the respawn UI.
Guards should now properly target and attack flying creatures.
Fixed a bug where city guards would occasionally slide or float randomly while pathing.
Fixed a bug where the Focusing Potion Schema wasn’t unlocking for some players.
Fixed an issue where attacking a Fire Imp with a Greatsword would occasionally cause a server crash.
Tamed Elementals will no longer despawn on server restarts.
Fixed a bug where casting a spell with insufficient mana would still remove equipped spell durability.
Fixed a bug that would allow players to dismount certain creatures to clip inside of structures.
Fixed a bug where War Declarations would occasionally result in immediate wars when declaring against multiple houses.
Fixed a bug where one House wouldn’t be able to attack another after a War Declaration was made.
Removed collision models for a number of objects.
Fixed a bug where characters wouldn’t take damage from Fire Wall.
Visual effects when using Summoning Stones and Soul Suppression Stones have been fixed.
Triangular Foundations will no longer float when placed.
Several sound effects have been adjusted.
Players were still able to use prone by adjusting some .ini files - prone has now been completely removed as intended.
Respawn locations are now properly labeled in the respawn UI.
Fixed a bug where creatures were wandering in a wide radius - they will now wander in a shorter radius from their original spawn.
Fixed a bug where character models would go rigid when seized by a creature.
Fixed a bug where players weren’t able to donate to Estel’s blacksmith.
Soul Node inventory text has been adjusted.
Fish were spawning out of control! Aquatic creature spawn rates have been reduced.
Adjusted the frequency of meteorite spawns.
Bear, Boar, and Wolf animations have been adjusted. They should get stuck inside of other creatures less frequently now.
Equipment models have been adjusted to look more natural.
Removed interactable items in rented properties to improve performance in cities.
Slums can now be rented in Estel.
Weapon hit rates have been improved while running.
Fixed an issue where Revival Altars were displaying improperly on the respawn UI.
Improved Copper Helmet model on female characters.
Adjusted Infernus Dragon saddle model.
Adjusted Cyclops respawn points so they should no longer respawn inside of stones.
Fixed an issue where tamed Nidhogs could be ridden without a saddle.
Fixed an issue where switching an equipped spell on the hotbar would allow a spell to be cast without durability loss.
Fixed an issue where Spell Towers were deactivating and needed to be reset on server restarts.