Dark and Light 9/27 Hotfix - Patch Notes


Greetings Adventurers! We're planning on deploying a small hotfix targeting some of the issues introduced in Dark and Light's latest patch. The patch is scheduled for 1:00AM PST on 9/27, so make sure to log out before the patch hits to reduce the risk of data loss.



Gameplay Changes:


1. Silica Powder crafting reverted from automatic to manual.


2. Reduced the amount of time required to craft Silica Powder, Copper Ingot, Iron Ingot, and Mithril Ingot in a Forge 50%~.


3. Reduced the amount of time required to craft all items in a Refining Forge by 50%~. This change stacks on top of the Forge crafting time reduction for Silica Powder, Copper Ingot, Iron Ingot, and Mithril Ingot.


4. Context: Several patches ago, we fixed a long-standing bug with forges that allowed multiple types of ingots to be crafted simultaneously. Each crafting tool is only meant to produce one type of material at once, except for byproducts like Charcoal. To compensate for the extra fuel required to craft the same number of Ingots now as before, we’ve reduced the amount of time to craft all existing Schemas found in a Forge.


5. Stone Elementals' sleep function has been restored. They still aggro to nearby hostile entities, but their detection radius is greatly reduced while they're sleeping.


6. Reduced spawn rate for panthers around the world.


7. Reduced spawn rate for wolves near cities.


8. Increased spawn rate for longhorns near cities.


9. Gravity has returned to its original value.


10. Context: Gravity has seen some changes over our last few patches while we were addressing an issue where characters would be pushed underground after death. This should no longer happen, but we may need to continue adjusting gravity slightly in future patches to address similar issues.


Bug Fixes:


1. Fixed an issue where creature spawn rates were unintentionally increased to extreme levels - cities will no longer be plagued by hordes of panthers.


2. Fixed an issue where creatures were spawning inside of player-built structures.


Known Bugs (since the latest patch):


1. We're aware that Mythical creatures have been shrunk by quite a bit, they'll still be bite-sized after this hotfix.


2. We're also aware that there are some issues with hostile creature aggro ranges being much larger than before. We're still working on addressing this problem and aim to have it fixed in a future patch.


As always, if you run into any serious bugs or issues in-game, please be sure to contact our dedicated Player Support team at this link.