Dark and Light 9/30 Update - Patch Notes


Greetings Adventurers! We're planning on publishing a patch at approximately 1:00AM PST on 9/30. As always, please make sure to log out before the patch hits to reduce the risk of data loss.

This patch is focused entirely on quality of life fixes for the Ice Cave. We've seen a lot of feedback from players on the extreme difficulty of the Ice Cave since it launched with the Blackice Peaks update, so we've put some work into reducing the difficulty and improving the rewards, while still maintaining the challenge and experience of fighting your way through the caves.

General Updates


  • Increased the minimum temperature of the Ice Cave to -145C - you now need about 2500 cold resist to avoid the chilled status throughout the cave.
  • Adjusted meteorite, Wraith, and Dark Fire Elementals item drop rates - increased the drop rate of high-quality Brimstone armor.
  • Heavily reduced the HP and damage of creatures in the Ice Cave.
  • Modified Bytorg’s set, Frostblade, Skullcracker, and Force Bow to only be craftable one time per player in Bytorg's toolbox.
  • Adjusted drop rates for all creatures in the Ice Cave:
  • All ice cave creatures now have a chance to drop Frost Recall Runes, special runes that will return players to the entrance of the Ice Cave when used.
  • Ice Goblins will drop Runes of Warmth and food
  • Ice Spiders will drop Acid
  • Ice Imps will now have a chance to drop Frozen Crystal Ore
  • Frost Elementals will drop a large amount of Frozen Crystal Ore
  • Cave Yetis will drop Bytorg parts, and a chance to drop higher-quality (green or blue) equipment Schemas.
  • Bytorg will now, in addition to his existing drops, has a chance to drop higher-quality (blue or purple) equipment Schemas.
  • Note - these new high-quality Schemas can only be crafted by placing them in Bytorg's Toolbox.
  • Adjusted Frost Recall Rune time to let players return to the entrance of the Ice Cave more often.
  • Adjusted the probability on Forging affixes for Brimstone armor, it's now more likely to receive a bonus to Cold Resist.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect values would be assigned to affixes for Forged items.