Dark and Light 10/31 Update - Patch Notes


Greetings Adventurers! We’re planning on rolling out a small patch at 1:00AM PST on Tuesday, 10/31. As always, be sure to log out before the update hits to reduce the risk of data loss!




Patch Notes


General Updates


Dragons: Archos’s Dragons are finally getting their breath attacks back! Not only that, we also have a special cosmetic change incoming for all Infernus Dragons for the duration of the Gobboween event.


1. Infernus Dragon and Frost Dragon: RMB attack changed to Fire and Ice Breath, respectively.


2. Infernus Dragons: Replaced with Undead Dragons, RMB Fire Breath attack changed to Spectral Blue Flame Breath (temporary cosmetic change).


3. Wolves: For the duration of Gobboween, all Wolves will now transform into Werewolves from 22:00 - 4:00.


PvE Decay Changes: We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the mechanic where structures will be manually demolishable after not being visited in 3 days by its owner, so we’re making some changes to that system.


- All Structures (PvE Only): Structures are now only manually demolishable by other players after reaching its full decay timer. Those timers are:

- Straw - 3 Days

- Wood - 4 Days

- Stone - 6 Days

- Metal - 7 Days

- Manor-tier - 14 Days


- Various Creatures: Made some adjustments to creature SFX.


- Minor visual changes for targeted unit health / mana bars.


Balance Changes:


- Holy Arrows: Now deal 5x damage to “Dark” creatures (Dark Fallen, Wraiths, Dark Elementals, etc.).


Bug Fixes:


1. Fixed a bug where it would be possible to run on the ground underwater and not use oxygen.

2. Fixed a bug where it was no longer possible to roll by inputting a direction + crouch, even with the option enabled.

3. Fixed a bug where Soul Mire wasn’t craftable in a Magic Workbench.

4. Fixed a bug with the crafting requirements for the Giant Elven Manor Gate Frame.

5. Fixed a bug where no SFX would play when a female character fired a Fusil.

6. Fixed a bug where several Transformation Rune icons were incorrect.

7. Fixed a bug where it was possible to place a Magicka Base inside of a city.

8. Fixed a bug where no footstep SFX would play when holding a Skullcracker.

9. Fixed a bug with the crafting requirements for an Inclined Stone Pipe.

10. Fixed a bug where killing Dark creatures would sometimes not result in earning Dark Magic Knowledge experience.

11. Fixed a bug where some shrubbery would break free from its earthly tethers, and float in the sky.

12. Fixed a bug where some walls weren’t placeable on foundations or other walls.

13. Fixed a bug where the Albino Deer bestiary entry displayed an incorrect background.


Have a happy and safe Gobboween everyone!