Fireside with Snail Games


Greetings Adventurers and welcome to our first ever Fireside with Snail Games! With the new year just around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to talk a little bit about what happened over the past year, as well as what we can expect in the future. To assist me I have Zehpyr, also known as Jimmy outside of Archos. He is a Senior Producer here at Snail Games, and his job is to make sure that we’re delivering content in a timely manner that is also at the highest quality possible. 

Erebus - Thanks for being here with us tonight.

Zehpyr - Please the pleasure is all mine, always up to talk about anything Dark and Light.

Erebus - So let's first start with the most recent holiday event. Did everything come out the way that you had planned in the beginning? 

Zehpyr - I’d be lying if I said everything came out the way I planned it. Things always change. We always think big in the beginning when we start planning, and then based on time and resources, we have to reduced the scope. But when reducing scope, we always have to make sure to don’t take away the core idea behind the event.

Erebus - Were there any ideas for features, items, or creatures that didn’t get end up getting added to the final version? If so, do you think we may see those ideas actually implemented in a future patch?

Zehpyr - We had a great idea for what to do with the diamonds but ended up running out of time. We wanted to give players the opportunity to upgrade the quality of their favorite weapon and/or armor.

Erebus - What has been your favorite Holiday Update to work on so far? 

Zehpyr - Even though Christmas is my favorite holiday, my favorite holiday update to work on would be the Gobbween one. We got the opportunity to take a look into our current shapeshifting system and start working on improving on it. I think it’ll take a few more phases to complete our idea.

Erebus - Is this winter wonderland going to be an annual holiday? If yes, what other ideas do you have for future winter festivities.

Zehpyr - The idea is to make the holiday event an annual thing. We hope to make the next one better than the last. We hope to get feedback from the community to go along with our ideas to make it better as well.

Erebus - Can you give us any hints about what we can expect from the next Archos Holiday? 

Zehpyr - The next one will be lunar new years, and that’s all I can say for now.

Erebus - Krampus has arrived to steal away the bad children of Archos, what other mythical creatures do you think we may need to prepare for.

Zehpyr - I can’t say it because it will spoil it for everyone. Just look forward to it.

Erebus - Alright so, we’ve experienced Blackice Peaks and now the Scalding Abyss, any hints on what to expect next?

Zehpyr - The next one, we’re going to try to take flying to the next level.

Erebus - Now for a question that I’ve seen more times on Twitter than anything, are we still bringing Dark and Light to Xbox One?

Zehpyr - This is still our plan. I can’t tell you anything else other than it is still a work in progress.

Erebus - Gaia has sent many powerful forces to Archos, what else can we expect to discover from this broken planet?

Zehpyr - Gaia will be a place players might be headed next *hint hint*

Erebus - Thank you so much for joining us here tonight, do you have any final words that you would like to say?

Zehpyr - From the launch of our game, we have learned a lot and did our best to improve the game. Although we know there are still problems that exist, we are still working hard at resolving each and every issue. We are tremendously grateful for the continuous support of our community. We hope with the support, we can build a game together that is both fun and engaging for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Dark and Light over the past year, and to those who continue to do so every day. Archos wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn’t for our amazing community, and all of the feedback we’ve received since July. I know that we’re all looking forward the the new things to come in 2018, and we’re lucky to have all of you here with us.