Dark and Light 3/8 - Patch Notes


Dark and Light Loading Optimizations

  • We know that many Adventurers have had longer than desired load times since Dark and Light’s Early Access launch, especially for those who are not using a SSD.
  • We’ve been working on this issue, and after this update, players should see a reduction in their initial loading times. 
  • This is something that we’re going to be continuing to work on so that Adventurers can spend less time in loading screens, and more time in Archos.

New Item - Mobile Fortress Artillery

  • By unlocking Goblin Engineering Level 4, Adventurers will now have access to two new blueprints: Artillery and Artillery Shells.
  • Adventurers can place these on their own Mobile fortress, on structures in their base, and on the ground as well.
  • The Artillery Cannons have a small ammo storage capacity, however they do bonus damage to large creatures and other Mobile Fortresses. They also automatically aim and fire these destructive shells.
  • These cannons will do 3x normal damage to large flying creatures such as Frost Dragons, Infernus Dragons, and Gryphons.
  • 7x normal damage to mythical creatures such as the Peregriff.
  • And 50x normal damage to other Mobile Fortresses.

Lava Shoes Sprint Function

  • The Lava Shoes that are craftable in the Scalding Abyss now have a new sprint enchantment.
  • By holding down the “Y” key, you can enable this function and then move using your standard movement keys.
  • The Lava Shoes require fuel, Flame Essence, which powers their new ability. 
  • Hitting another Adventurer or creature while using these boots causes a small collision, damaging them.
  • Taking damage while sprinting will not interrupt the sprinting effect.

House Log Adjustments

  • We’ve made some improvements to the localization of the House Manager.
  • House logs will also provide additional details on tames that have died from hunger
  • There are now additional tabs that provide information on House Members, Tames, Structures, House Management, and Diplomatic Relationships.

Gameplay Updates

  • Giant Storage Boxes can now be opened with a pin code by non House members. 
  • Added a new sound effect to the Rotisserie Staff Head.
  • The icons for Small, Medium, and Large Fertilizer has been changed.
  • Magic Essence can be used to restore 2000 health on a Mobile Fortress and Chaos Essence can be used to restore 10,000 health.
  • The Estle Hunting Vendor has been moved from the woods to the road.
  • Increased the feeding range while taming creatures to 30 meters.
  • Added additional structures in Bel’Xahl Lair to prevent him from wandering too far away.
  • Scalding Abyss blueprints can now only be used once to craft an item.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Adventurer bodies would sometimes glitch through structure ceilings on death.
  • Fixed a bug where Adventurers weren’t able to collect their items after death due to them being stuck in the air.
  • Fixed a bug where Goblins and Treants would have their crafting progression get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the server to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where Bel’Xahl would get stuck in a hole in the Scalding Abyss.
  • Fixed a bug where players were getting stuck in some parts of the snow capped mountains.
  • Fixed a bug where Adventurers would appear larger when sitting on the Fancy Chair.
  • Fixed a bug where non House Members were able to turn off the Soul Mire.
  • Fixed a bug where Single Player Games would not save automatically.
  • Fixed a bug where city vendor donations would be reset to zero after server restarts.
  • Fixed a bug where some spells were causing double the damage on one cast.
  • Fixed a bug where players would have their Earth Magic Knowledge stuck and unable to progress.
  • Fixed a bug where the Searing Edge Ax had no sound effects.
  • Fixed a bug where some trees around Archos appeared to be floating..
  • Fixed a bug where the Mobile Fortress had an animation issue when returning to the docks.
  • Fixed a bug where wooden doors and door frames wouldn’t match up properly.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let Manor Foundations be placed on Manor Ceilings.

Game Optimizations

  • Made an optimization to the Magic Tower Interface making them easier to operate. 
  • Made an optimization to collecting different shrubs around Archos, improving the animation.
  • Made an optimization to collection materials in the Wheat Fields.
  • Made an optimization to Dark and Light’s localization.
  • Made optimizations to the Nidhog, Windrider, and Wyvern.
  • Made optimizations to riding of Unicorns, elite Unicorns, and the Pegasus.
  • Made optimizations to flight animation for the Infernus Dragon and Pegasus. 
  • Made optimizations to the Pegasus flight visual effects.
  • Made optimizations to the Frost Dragon breath attack.
  • Made optimizations to the sound effects of the Berunda.
  • Made optimizations to the placement of Manor Structures such as stairs and ramps.

Creature Updates

  • Fixed a bug where the Peregriff’s stamina would recharge slower than other creatures.
  • Lowered the animation frequency for Peregriffs, Windriders, and Pegasus.
  • Windrider’s wildness was not dropping at all when taming. This has been adjusted.
  • Fixed the Fire Elementals attack so that it can now hit close crouching Adventurers
  • Fixed the ragdoll effect that Infernus Dragons could get after being defeated.